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About the Project

The mission of the George Brown Legacy Project (GBLP) is to make the life and work of the late Congressman George Brown (1920-1999) a touchstone for education and research on the diversity, equity concerns, and environment of the Inland Region of California. This includes use of his world-renowned archives at UC, Riverside, opened in November 2016, by present and future generations of scholars and leaders in science, labor, business, and public service.

GBLP is a nonpartisan, charitable initiative that appreciates the operational support of the IE Community Foundation (IECF).

Our Honorary Advisory Committee includes leaders from throughout local, national, and international policy and peace-making, as well as the arts, academe, civil and human rights, environmental protection, labor, science, space, and technology. 

Honorary Advisory Committee


Pete Aguilar, Member of Congress (D-CA)*

Howard Berman, Former Member of Congress (D-CA)

Jane Block
Sherwood Boehlert, Former Member of Congress (R-NY)
Dale, Foxie, and Jesse Brown
David, Jeremy, and Christopher Brown
Ken Calvert, Member of Congress (R-CA)*
Jimmy Carter, Former President of the United States
Wilmer Amina Carter, Former California Assemblymember (D)
Judy Chu, Member of Congress (D-CA)*
Howard Cincotta
Rachel and Ken Clark
Rabbi Hillel Cohn
Kim Cranston
Pete Didisheim
Don Edwards, Former Member of Congress (D-CA)
Anna Eshoo, Member of Congress (D-CA)*
Art Forcier
Eric Haley

Theresa Hanley
Gloria Macias Harrison
Dennis Hernandez
Dolores Huerta, Co-Founder, UFW
Sally Jeans and Pati Stein
Bobi Johnson
Edward R. Johnson

Dianne Landeros
Chuck Levin
Larry Levine
Gershon Lewis
John Longville, Former California Assemblymember (D)
Ron Loveridge, Former Mayor, Riverside
Carlotta Mellon
Cheryl Mendonsa
Norman Y. Mineta, Former Member of Congress (D-CA) and U.S. Transportation Secretary
Pat Morris, Former Mayor, San Bernardino*
Tom Mullen, Former Riverside County Supervisor
Penny Newman
David Roberti, Former California state Senate President Pro Tem (D)
Brad Sherman, Member of Congress (D-CA)*
Alan Sieroty, Former California State Senator (D)
Skip Stiles
Mark Takano, Member of Congress (D-CA)*
George Takei
Rick Tuttle



* = does not signify endorsement


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